Moving money around used to be hard regardless of where you banked. But we live in a digital age and OPPA Credit Union is at the leading edge of using technology to make financial services more convenient. Getting, moving and using your money deposited or invested with OPPA Credit Union is as easy as it might be at any Canadian bank and often with lower fees. Those are the facts – here are your choices (there are a lot):

Here are your choices (there are alot):

Get Your Money

ATMS & Exchange NetworkOPPA Credit Union is a member of THE EXCHANGE® Network (Canada’s largest surcharge free ATM network) which gives you easy access to your accounts at over 3300 full service ATMs across Canada, without paying any additional service charges. THE EXCHANGE® Network for ATMs includes Mac’s Convenience Stores/ Circle K, most Credit Unions, National Banks, HSBC Banks and Citibanks.
Cardholders also have access to 40,000 surcharge-free Allpoint Network ATMs; the largest surcharge-free ATM network in the U.S.
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Debit CardsOur MEMBER CARD® debit card lets you withdraw money from your OPPA Credit Union account at virtually any automated teller machine (ATM) across Canada.  You can also use it to make purchases at the point of sale via INTERAC® Direct Payment, with the funds coming directly from your OPPA Credit Union chequing or savings account.

Check Your Money

Internet BankingOur MemberDirect® Online Access lets you handle most of your financial transactions, whether it’s transferring funds, paying bills or getting an itemized printout of your account transactions.
Mobile AppsThe OPPA Credit Union iPhone App puts all of your account information in the palm of your hand, whenever and wherever you want it! It is available for iPhone and Android devices.

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Text BankingKeep track of your money on your mobile phone with Mobile Text Banking. Send a quick text message and instantly receive your account balance and history. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s free!
Interac®-OnlineInterac® Online provides an alternative to paying for online purchases with a credit card. Now you can pay for your purchase directly from your credit union account.

Move Your Money

Deposit AnywhereDeposit Anywhere allows you to quickly and securely deposit cheques by simply taking a picture of the cheque with your smartphone or tablet. Then it’s free and unlimited e-transfers from there.
Me2Me TransfersMembers can transfer funds to and from your accounts held at OPPA Credit Union and those held at other financial institutions. No fees, no hassles. Try doing that with a bank. Start here by completing this form.
e-TransferFast, easy and free! Members can send money from their OPPA Credit Union accounts via online banking to another person, provided they have an email address or a mobile phone number and a Canadian deposit account.
Payroll Deposit When you join OPPA Credit Union, arrange to have your payroll automatically deposited in your account. As a full-service financial institutions, you can manage your finances, pay bills, set up saving strategies, invest and plan for the future all in one place, and with the help of an amazing team who have your back.

Talk To Someone About Your Money

Member Solutions AssistanceCall or email us for any assistance required to get at, review or move your money. Sometimes a personal touch makes all the difference.
The BranchOur branch team loves to see you and can’t wait to help you if you live nearby or are passing through Barrie. Coffee and cookies await!