There’s a simple rule when banking with OPPA Credit Union: The more investing, saving, borrowing and planning you do with us, the better we know you and the more rate breaks and savings you earn. It’s like private banking (without a bank).

So what if you could pass that private banking benefit on to your adult children and family members? That would be cool; like a gift of better financial advice for life, better rates, more flexibility and the comfort of knowing a financial expert has your back no matter what life throws at you.

Here’s the good news! Your kids and other family members can join OPPA Credit Union. We’ll get to know them by name, we’ll offer them the same great rates and advice you have access to, and we’ll move with them wherever life leads. We are your financial backup for life. No bank relationship comes close. No banking service is as bias-free as we are. And now your family can grow with us too. 

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Had a pretty good sleep last night thanks to you. If you ever wonder if the work you do makes a significant impact on people's lives the answer is an resounding YES!  This was the break this family needed to get back on track.  I do a lot of volunteer work and help a lot of people so it feels pretty darn good to have someone like you in my corner.  You will not be disappointed.

- OPPA Credit Union Member
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Here are a few ideas to look into with your family members:

Your adult children can gain a lifelong financial advantage now and evolve it as their life changes with the help of an OPPA Credit Union Advisor. Using leading edge financial planning software, we tailor plans to fit, whether that be a simple as a budget or as complex as an estate and tax mitigation plan.
Low rates are easy to find and we’re as competitive as any. What really reduces the cost of home ownership though is better advice and more payment flexibility.
We will help your family members learn to budget, invest wisely and build their net worth. Retirement investments, education fund investments, tax-free savings accounts – it’s all available at OPPA Credit Union.
Put your children in touch with our service and advice team today. Or call us to discuss next steps and how we can help. All you have to do is pick up the phone or send us an email.