This is where OPPA Credit Union makes a real difference in your life and in the lives of your family members. It comes in two simple parts.

Part One: We are on your side. Our advisors are not investment sales people. We are trained experts. We are not biased and our advice is not connected to commissions. We figure this alone makes choosing OPPA Credit Union for your financial planning needs an easy decision. But it’s just the beginning.

Part Two: NaviPlan™ is a world-class, leading-edge financial planning tool that serves as the foundation of our advisory service. It is focused on you, it is comprehensive, it goes as deep as you need to go, and you can access it with your advisor in real time. From cash-flow planning to pension scenarios, working with inheritances, tax planning and comprehensive retirement planning, NaviPlan sets our advisors apart and helps you get ahead.

A Good Start: Prior to discussing your financial planning with us or getting started with a NaviPlan created just for you and your family, take a moment and try this OPPA Credit Union Net Worth Calculator to see how you compare financially to your peer group across Ontario. Then reach out to us and we’ll help you grow your net worth.

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My wife and I always enjoy our conversations with you and learn a great deal about economics in general and in this case, recent decisions by the Bank of Canada concerning Interest Rates and subsequent OPPA Credit Union impacts on our financial portfolio.   

After our last conversation, I remarked to my wife that we are very fortunate to have a Financial Advisor that we trust, is informed and consistently demonstrates a willingness to engage us in a patient manner with a goal toward understanding. 

- Alec
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