How is your current investment strategy working? Do you have a proper plan? Do you understand what you’re invested in? How much commission are you paying – and just as important, are you getting bias-free advice or any value for that commission fee? Does your current advisor understand your pension and how to help you supplement that pension over time?

If you’re not sure, chances are good you’re working with an investment sales person, not a true advisor. Here’s a better idea. OPPA Credit Union Advisors will help you answer those questions. We’ll provide a second opinion on any current plan or investments you may have, help you understand what you’re in and help you determine whether you’re on the right track. All without bias, commissions or fees. 

Then, if it looks like you could be doing better, we’ll offer choices and options that make more sense for you. We’ll even set up a savings plan and show you how to use it to ensure you can still have fun today while building your wealth for the future.

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…I’m in a much better space now mentally and emotionally.  Thank you for all you did to help me.  I am forever grateful for the support of the OPPACU team.  We have a fairly young office and I’ve become an even bigger believer of pre-planning for the unexpected. Most of them don’t even have wills.  And some of them have significant debt (which is not surprising but important if we are acknowledging how debt plays out with mental health).

- Ann
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