You and your family members are exclusively invited to become OPPA Credit Union members. Here are a few good reasons to join today:

  1. We’re your financial backup for life. That means we always put your interests and financial security first. It means that our advice is bias-free (commission-free) and it means we evolve with you as your life evolves. It means we have your back whenever you need us. Think of us as your private bankers (but without the bank).
  1. You get more choices, good ideas and truly tailored advice from an expert who cares. So you can put together the right financial products and services and get the best advice on how to use them whenever you like.
  1. We’re as mobile as you are. You can access your money easily at ATMs all over Canada, you can move money around without fees, you can bank easily online and through our mobile app. The list goes on and on – there are no limits to banking with OPPA Credit Union.
  1. OPPA Credit Union members pay less over time for banking, home ownership, borrowing and getting ahead financially. At the same time, we help you grow your net worth through financial planning* and investing. The key to both is personalized, commission-free advice and a plan designed for you. That’s the biggest difference of all.

*Mutual funds and related financial planning services are provided by Credential Asset Management Inc.

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