financial backup for life


The great thing about financial tools and calculators is that you can plan different scenarios and outcomes for your financial future. What’s even better about OPPA Credit Union tools and calculators is that you have access to a commission-free advisor who will help you create and implement a plan to make those calculations real. Knowing the destination is a good start. Getting expert help for the entire journey is what makes the difference between plans and financial well-being. That’s financial backup for life.

Helping your children pay for post-secondary education is the greatest gift you can give them. Calculate the numbers here.

Want to look at different mortgage payment and rate scenarios? This is a good place to start.

Calculate the cost of your plan to borrow money. And be sure to discuss options with an OPPA Credit Union Advisor.

Your don’t have a choice about transferring any RRSP savings into a RIFF. You do have choices on how to make it work.

Calculate how your savings grow tax-free using this financial tool. Talk to your Advisor about putting the numbers to work.

How much will that trip abroad really cost? Calculate foreign exchange rates here.

Try our Net Worth Calculator to determine where you stand now. Then call us and we’ll make improvements together.