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What do you want from a financial plan – an investment product sales pitch or an end-to-end strategy for your financial well-being? Do you want an annual phone call from an advisor to sell you more investments or a regular advisor consultation and the ability to track your financial well-being? Attention to detail only when you’re building a portfolio or just as much attention when you have to start using your portfolio tax efficiently?

We think the answers are clear if you’re serious about growing your net worth and using it to create a better retirement. And there’s even more transparency when you learn that your Advisor team is not paid through commissions.

OPPA Credit Union Advisors through Credential Asset Management Inc. are caring experts who use professional financial planning software to help you create a comprehensive strategy, execute it over the years and track your results. We can cater to your needs and your vision for the future using all the pieces in your financial life. That includes factoring in your OPP pay scales, pension and benefits – it includes advice and consultation whenever a question arises or an opportunity presents itself.

Our online tools and calculators help you track results and work with your advisor when it’s convenient for you. You can create your own scenarios that combine different investments and products – so you can optimize when and how you meet your goals. Factor in education plans, retirement plans, travel and even buying that 4 x 4 sooner that you thought you could.


This is where we make a real difference in your life and in the lives of your family members. It comes in two simple parts.

We are on your side. Our advisors are not investment sales people. We are trained experts. We are not biased and our advice is not connected to commissions. We figure this alone makes choosing OPPA Credit Union for your financial planning needs an easy decision. But it’s just the beginning.

We use leading-edge financial planning tools that serve as the foundation of our advisory service. We focus on you, and your needs. We can go as detailed as you need to go. From cash-flow planning to pension scenarios, working with inheritances, tax planning and comprehensive retirement planning, 

A Good Start
Prior to discussing your financial planning with us, take a moment and try this OPPA Credit Union Net Worth Calculator to see how you compare financially to your peer group across Ontario. Then reach out to us and we’ll help you grow your net worth.we

Imagine what you could do with these outstanding features:


Fully-detailed reporting on everything from cash flow to estate plans and tax mitigation.


More insightful advice on wealth-building that is intelligently connected to wealth de-cumulation (because you have to start using it sometime).


Insights and planning for pension use and the tools best suited to boosting your retirement savings (TFSAs are great tools for people like OPP Officers with fully-indexed pensions).


Answers and good conversations about the more intricate challenges and what-if scenarios such as: adult kids as dependents, OAS claw-backs, medical costs and assisted living, parental care and costs, tax implications of divorce, tax implications of asset sales, estate shrinkage and more.


Full plans that include Cash Flow Analysis and Wealth Generation Strategies, Investment Asset Allocation, Investment Liquidation Strategies, Tax Plans, Retirement and Estate Plans.

The objective is simple: gain peace of mind as you accumulate and use your net worth wisely.

We’ll help you set goals, direct your cash flow to the right places for you and use your roadmap to reach those personal goals over time. You’ll always know where you stand – and we’ll always be there beside you – commission and fee-free advisors whose only bias is you.

If you’re just starting out, you’ll have the advantage of smarter planning and wealth building for all your working years. That includes smarter tax planning for your entire life (both the building and liquidation stages).

If you’re more than half-way to retirement, you’ll finally feel like you have control of the future. We’ll help you get debt-free, manage cash flow, grow your net worth and make smart, tax-efficient use of it when you retire. It’s never too late to advance your financial well-being and catch up.

If you’re already retired or it’s just around the corner, we’ll help you get your estate in order, set up retirement cash flows and tax plans and help you achieve more peace of mind for what should be your best years.

What we can do for you we can also do for your family!

Chances are good your adult family members could also use a little more caring, expertise and sophistication when it comes to financial planning. In our experience, younger people who start right with great advice and a sound investment / cash flow and debt management strategy end up with higher net worth and more financial peace of mind because they feel in control of their financial well-being.

It’s likely your kids won’t have the pension benefits you enjoy. That makes planning, advice and RRSP building more important for them than it might have been for you in your early years.

Give your adult kids the gift of tailored financial planning and a brighter future by introducing them to the OPPA Credit Union advice team today.


Call us now and we’ll help you start the process.


*Mutual funds and related financial planning services are offered through Credential Asset Management Inc. Financial Planning services are available only from advisors who hold financial planning accreditation from applicable regulatory authorities.  Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses  all  may be associated with mutual fund investments.  Please read the prospectus before investing. Unless otherwise stated, mutual fund securities and cash balances are not insure nor guaranteed, their value change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.