financial backup for life


The more business you do with OPPA Credit Union, the more benefits you realize. Rates on term deposits are better when you invest more. Rates on mortgages are lower when you’re a full-service member.

So here’s some great news: Now you can pass all the benefits of your relationship with OPPA Credit Union on to your family members. Now they get financial backup for life too. They can get your great rates. And just like you, they’ll have access to tailored financial advice and the positive service experience you enjoy.

When your family members become OPPA Credit Union members, they can ‘use’ your good standing and volume of business to their advantage. They’ll be offered the same borrowing rates you do and the same investment rate bumps you get even when they don’t have as much to invest as you do. 

The family that banks together at OPPA Credit Union benefits together thanks to our family pricing approach. 

Talk to us today about having your family join OPPA Credit Union, opening investment or borrowing accounts and getting advice tailored to you.