For starters, congratulations on your choice of career. And there’s even more good news – financial advice tailored to that career is now available to you. So regardless of where you banked before, switching to OPPA Credit Union now is the right decision.

Here’s why…

  1. You now have defined benefits including a pension and a solid income. That changes how you save and invest, what you spend, how you borrow, how you plan and how you manage your finances. 

  2. You may move around a little over your career. This makes the first-name, personal relationship you have with a mortgage provider and financial advisor much more important. 

  3. You have lifestyle opportunities that others do not have. There are ways to balance your wants and needs now without putting yourself at risk down the road when life happens as it always does. 

For those three reasons alone, you may find a traditional bank, while made for the masses, isn’t a great fit for your unique life.

How OPPA Credit Union fits you

OPPA Credit Union is tailor-made to fit you and your family as your unique life evolves. We’re your financial backup for life.

  1. We help you and your family grow financially secure  within the context of your income and pension.
  2. We make it easy for you to move money around (even between financial institutions). We also make it easier for you to move around; you can move homes without triggering mortgage penalties. 
  3. We’re on the same team, we care about your well-being and we’ll figure out how to put the numbers on your side regardless of how your life unfolds.

That’s financial backup for life. All the advice, financial planning, investments and banking solutions you need. It’s like having your own private banker without a bank.

You need to arrange for payment of your Ontario Police Collage (OPC) Tuition. OPPA Credit Union has an exclusive offer for new recruits. To take advantage of any of our three recruit packages, with OPC loans up to $17,500 to include additional expenses, to complete the Recruit Loan Application to ensure your loan is processed in time for OPC payment. OPPA Credit Union makes a direct payment to OPC for you.

Here are three great Recruit Packages to start you up!

Recruit Package

OPC Tuition Loan: 
OPPA Credit Union Prime + 0.5%

• Free chequing account for two years (full pay)
• Auto savings plan – $25 bi-weekly TFSA Contribution (optional)
• Pre-Approved OPPA Credit Union Visa, year one Annual Fee waived
• Line of Credit – $5,000 at OPPA Credit Union Prime +2.50% (optional)

Recruit Package

OPC Tuition Loan:
OPPA Credit Union Prime + 1.5%

• Free chequing account for two years (full pay)
• Pre-Approved OPPA Credit Union Visa, year one Annual Fee waived

Recruit Package

OPC Tuition Loan:
OPPA Credit Union Prime + 3.0%

• Loan only

Give our member solutions team a call or email to discuss the package of your choice today!

Spend five more minutes on good advice and special offers!

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Recruit Loan Tips
  1. Apply right away, this way you’ll have one less thing to worry about.  It will allow you to focus on your training.
  2. If you’re still working or not available to contact your Financial Advisor you can have a spouse, friend or parent call on your behalf to gather the information.
  3. When you get a salary increase you can always choose to increase your loan payment and pay off the loan sooner.

Chequing Tips
  1. Members have access to over 3,500 ATMs across Canada without paying any service charges. Click here  to find a no fee ATM near you.
  2. You can make deposits, withdrawals and change your pin number at all 3,500 ATMs across Canada.
  3. Enjoy the ease of the Credit Union helping you make all the changes required to switch your banking.
  4. Enjoy free chequing for 2 years.
  5. Deposit Anywhere, allows you to quickly and securely deposit cheques with your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere, day or night.
Payroll Savings Tips
  1. When you get a salary increase you can also choose to increase your savings deduction. This is a great way to boost your savings.
  2. When you invest in an RRSP or RESP you shelter your investment income from taxes until you withdraw from them. A TFSA is flexible, they can be used for short term savings or long term savings and all withdrawals are tax free.
  3. If you open a Payroll Savings Plan you can take advantage of our $50.00 BONUS recruit special.
Vehicle Loan Tips
  1. Your vehicle loan could impact the dollar amount of a new home purchase, contact your Financial Advisor if you are planning to purchase a home within the next 5 years. 
  2. If you are purchasing a brand new vehicle, contact your Financial Advisor for OPP, OPPA dealership discounts.
  3. From time to time the credit union offers vehicle loan rate specials, contact your Financial Advisor to find out what we have available.
  4. We will assist you with finding a payment that works best with your budget.
  5. Let us pre-approve you for your next vehicle loan so you can shop around and negotiate as a cash buyer.
Mortgage Tips
  1. While you are away for training you can authorize a friend, parent or spouse to speak to your Financial Advisor on your behalf.  They don’t have to be the decision maker but they can gather all the information for you.
  2. We offer specialized advice for duration postings.
  3. We work hand in hand with the relocation office and can provide specialized advice on the relocation process.
  4. When your mortgage payment is made with a payroll deduction you never have to worry about missing the payment.
OPPA Credit Union Credit Card Tip
  1. The OPPA Credit Union offers a full suite of Visa cards through Collabria Financial – with excellent rewards and a variety of cards, there is a card that is perfect for everyone.